Barry Allen 7.0.0

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Barry Allen 7.0.0

Message  zorba16 le Mar 1 Mai - 19:25

Barry Allen 7.0.0

Hier ist das Changelog für die Version 7.0.0 von Barry Allen.

* Das ist die ERSTE releaste Version für OE 2.0 und unterstützt NUR OE 2.0 Images im Flash mit Kernel 3.2

* diese Version kann man NICHT mehr in OE 1.6 Images installieren, bitte probiert es auch nicht, in den alten Images ist NUR mehr der 6.5.21 Barr Allen kit unterstützt.

* OE 1.6 Images kann man damit zwar auspacken und booten wenn ein OE 2.0 Image im Flash ist aber das ist NICHT offiziell unterstützt, also nicht um Hilfe fragen wenn irgendwas nicht geht

* Wally West ist bis auf weiteres NICHT unterstützt, wenn es einen 7.0 kit von WW gibt werde ihr es rechtzeitig erfahren.


A few words for the Clonebox owners

I was so friendly to check the content of the clone patched BA Versions:

It is simply an old bainit shellscript and an old bootmanager 5.2.12 and bunch of old binaries binary which are regarded as 'safe' - from whom ?

Unfortunately 4 of these binaries speak perfect Spanish and contain also the clone protection which is operating in a very discrete mode and practices his Spanish with these boxes on a regular basis.

Every time your are booting your box with it, unpack an image or are creating a backup image including your hacked bootloader they do their job perfectly when they are called.

And gutemine warnes about this misuse now since almost 2 years.

Depending on the quality of your Flash Chips and how often you boot or backup your box with such a BA Version (no matter if patched or an old original one regarded as safe) it could now be that the point of end-of-live of your box is now pretty close or already reached.

Hence I can only repeat my good advice:

Stop using BA on Cloneboxes or you simple have to live with the consequenzes - earlier or later!

And don't complain here or try to discuss this matter, as this would be the wrong place and the wrong person - complain wherever you got these kits from on what these people have done to your Clonebox by ignoring good advice!

Original Dreamboxes are perfectly save no matter which BA Version you are using, but off course it is always good advice to use the latest BA as only this will be fully supported in case of troubles and they only accept the latest original Bootloaders from DMM as the BA Release Notes state.

And don't feel too save with other Multiboot tools either, as they also use some of gutemine's helpfull binaries designed for original Dreamboxes.


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Re: Barry Allen 7.0.0

Message  Fondateur le Mar 1 Mai - 19:27


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